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API Audio Documentation and Software


A2D Mic Preamp with Digital Output

2500 Stereo Compressor

5500 Stereo/Dual Mono 550 EQs with Range Switch

The Channel Strip

3124V 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre

3124MV 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre w/ Stereo Mixer

500 Series

505-DI Direct Input

512c Mic / Line Pre

512v Mic / Line Pre

527 Compressor/Limiter

535-LA Line Amplifier

550A Discrete 3 Band EQ

550b 4 Band EQ

560 10 Band Graphic EQ

565 Filter Bank

6 Slot High Current lunchbox®

8 Slot High Current lunchbox®

500VPR 10 slot Rack with Power Supply

Rack Ears for the lunchbox®

JDK Audio Documentation and Software


8MX2 Mixer/Mic Pre

R20 2 Channel Mic Pre

R22 2 Channel Compressor

R24 2 Channel 4 Band EQ

500 Series

V10 Mic/Line Pre

V14 4 Band EQ